Intel-powered interactive flat panel display

Transform Collaboration with Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive displays make meetings and lessons more collaborative, engaging, and effective.

Take Collaboration to the Next Level

  • Let participants engage remotely, interacting with content and each other no matter where they are.

  • Draw on-screen or add images and video for more engaging and inspiring experiences.

  • An intuitive user interface helps participants start meetings or lessons quickly.



What Is an Interactive Flat Panel Display?

Interactive flat panel displays are collaboration solutions designed for interactive whiteboarding, videoconferencing, screen sharing, and more. The latest technologies let you securely connect to participants whether they’re in the room or joining remotely.

These all-in-one devices combine a range of collaboration and meeting management functions into one large, flat panel display. Users can connect to interactive flat panel displays from their own devices, or they can use multitouch capabilities on the display itself.

Industry Applications

Because they’re designed specifically for collaboration, interactive flat panel displays are typically used in one of two settings.


While traditional whiteboards and digital projectors lead to passive viewing and limited participation, interactive flat panel displays for education help educators create modern, data-centric classrooms that enhance collaboration and learning.

The latest software for interactive flat panel displays features analytics to help educators check attendance, measure student responsiveness, and gain a better understanding of the classroom environment. Teachers can also record classroom content so that it can be shared later.

Corporate Collaboration

Empower collaboration and productivity among face-to-face and remote teams without straining your IT resources—all on a foundation of security.1 Intel®-based interactive flat panel displays are designed to help participants start meetings quickly, share content, and inspire creativity and innovation.

Intel® processors and technologies deliver amazing performance for immersive features, seamless collaboration, and remote management.

Intel® Technologies for Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Intel® processors and technologies deliver amazing performance for immersive features, seamless collaboration, and remote management. Through it all, Intel helps protect connected systems from the inside out with a foundation of security technologies designed to harden and protect the entire device stack against a wide range of attacks.1

Stunning Performance with Intel® Core™ Processors

Create dynamic visual experiences with interactive flat panel displays featuring Intel® processors. Intel® technologies deliver stunning ultrahigh definition (UHD) visuals and amazing performance for immersive features, like touch gestures that let you zoom, rotate, and flick objects easily. Add an accelerator to enhance performance for visual processing and other advanced analytics.

Remote Management

By choosing interactive flat panel displays powered by Intel® Core™ processors on the Intel vPro® platform, organizations can enable remote management with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). This allows IT teams to diagnose, upgrade, and repair interactive flat panel displays remotely and securely, reducing IT support and system management costs.

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) also includes out-of-band management capabilities. Technicians can remotely access and correct problems even if the operating system is down. Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) is available on a range of Intel® Core™ and Intel® Core™ M processors.

Security and Integration

Protecting the privacy of collaboration and working sessions is essential. Intel vPro® platform enables an extra layer of hardware-based security that complements and augments existing security measures.1 It allows for hardened encryption and includes capabilities to tightly integrate with other infrastructure components and standard toolsets.

A Simplified, Standardized Design

Intel launched the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) to standardize the system architecture between displays and media players. This means interactive flat panel displays are more cost-effective to design, deploy, and manage.

For example, setting up an interactive display can be as easy as plugging the OPS computing device into the display’s OPS slot. The low-power, highly modular pluggable form-factor interface of OPS takes advantage of the latest innovations in Intel® processors to support advanced functionality and emerging use cases, like interactivity and anonymous audience analytics.

Building Blocks for Interactive Flat Panel Displays

The Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) is a specification and reference design that enables ultraslim displays for a wide range of visual applications, including interactive flat panel displays. Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) delivers intelligence and interoperability for space-optimized designs (Intel® SDM Small) and workload-optimized designs (Intel® SDM Large).

The Intel® Smart Visual Data Device Module (Intel® Smart VDD Module) is a specification and reference design to enable on-premises, standards-based, high performance computing (HPC) solutions optimized for edge workloads. It complements the compute built into interactive flat panel display solutions and handles workloads such as audio, video data ingestion, rendering, storage, connectivity, and analytics.

Advancing Interactions

Intel’s continuing innovation in interactive flat panel display solutions is leading to extended usage models and exciting new experiences. Along with our ecosystem partners, we’re ushering in a new wave of collaboration that makes it easier to get students or employees talking, thinking, and innovating in more engaging ways.