Kiosks are interactive terminals that can provide users with information or services or enable transactions. Kiosks consist of specialized hardware, software, display technologies, and other components, like receipt printers or payment receivers. Kiosk technology may include a responsive touchscreen that allows a user to make a series of selections through physical touch, such as an airport self-service kiosk or an interactive directory at a store. If a kiosk is embedded with touchless technology, users are able to make selections through voice- or gesture-based interactions or complete purchase transactions through direct object detection without requiring physical touch.

Kiosks provide customers with a convenient, frictionless way to do business. They empower customers to find products, services, and information as well as perform self-checkout with speed and accuracy. Kiosks can help businesses connect and engage with customers, automate repetitive employee tasks and processes, enable new revenue streams, and—when integrated with advanced technologies—gather near-real-time data for business intelligence.