Powerful and Sleek Integrated Displays 

As displays get thinner and power-efficient performance becomes more critical, Intel offers the Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM)specification and reference design that can be integrated into the sleekest all-in-one designs. Intel® SDM delivers the same level of intelligence and interoperability as the Open Pluggable Specification, but in our smallest form factor yet that eliminates the housing and advances the thinnest integrated displays.

Intel® SDM comes in two form factor size options—the Intel® SDM Small (Intel® SDM–S) and Intel® SDM Large (Intel® SDM–L). This allows for new and scalable all-in-one designs that benefit from the cost-effective implementation and management of integrated Intel® processor-based media players. Its design omits housing, so it can be fully integrated into visual IoT applications like hospitality screens and bedside terminals that require minimal space with maximum performance. 

Intel® SDM incorporates high-speed PCIe* connectivity with a custom I/O receptacle board that eliminates the need for external I/O. Multiple offerings spanning Intel Atom® to Intel® Core™ processors support both basic and extended features with a connector that is future proofed to support 8K resolution displays and video capture, when available.

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