Rapidly Deploy IoT Services

The Intel® LIQD program minimizes the time and expense of introducing new LTE-based IoT solutions and devices at scale.

Speed Innovation and Time to Market

Companies want to minimize the time and expense of bringing new LTE-based IoT solutions to market. The Intel® LIQD program is designed to help device manufacturers and LTE network operators enable their enterprise customers to rapidly deploy IoT services and devices at scale.1

Advancing the IoT Ecosystem

The Intel® LIQD program enables OEMs/ODMs and service providers to coordinate and optimize Internet of Things (IoT) solutions together in ways that can scale incredibly fast. This is especially valuable in industries where asset and condition monitoring is critical. As IoT devices become more intelligent, Intel® LIQD will serve as the foundation on which to base new products and services, opening up a new category of deployment-ready IoT solutions.

Sonim XPi*

Harness the Power of IoT Data

Quickly deploy intelligent sensors in the field with ready-to-use, incredibly versatile LTE devices. Sonim XPi* from Sonim Technologies was built as part of the Intel® LIQD program and is connected by the AT&T network.

Sonim XPi is ready to deploy right out of the box. It eliminates the development costs and time associated with creating IoT solutions from the ground up, unlocking new asset-tracking and condition-monitoring capabilities.

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Use Case: Shipment Monitoring

Reduce Shipping Risks

When it comes to shipping sensitive freight, the stakes are high. These items are often vulnerable to shock, high temperatures, or excessive tilt. Any damage can result in costly repairs, replacements, and project delays.

Sonim XPi provides an easy way to monitor the condition of high-value, sensitive equipment while in transit or remote locations, equipping you to take corrective action when needed.

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Use Case: Cold Chain Integrity

Keep Temperatures in the Safe Range

It is critical to ensure perishables such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and frozen foods reach their destination without falling out of a designated temperature range. Failure could threaten the safety or efficacy of these products.

Sonim XPi offers an effective means for monitoring the state of temperature-sensitive goods while in transit so you can respond to prevent damage.

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Use Case: Asset Tracking

Avoid Downtime and Loss

Losing or misplacing a major piece of equipment can bring work to a halt. It can cost you the use and replacement value of the equipment as well as worker productivity.

Sonim XPi enables you to easily monitor critical equipment at a site or while in transit. Intelligent sensors help teams know when equipment is in use, when to perform preventive maintenance, and more.

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Intel® LIQD Wins Prestigious 2018 IoT Breakthrough Award

The IoT Breakthrough Award has honored Intel with the IoT Partner Enablement of the Year award. Intel is proud that the Intel® LIQD program is garnering recognition for enabling fast, scalable deployment of intelligent sensors—removing obstacles and allowing OEMs, service providers, and developers to quickly and cost-effectively achieve the business advantages of IoT.

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