Nios® V Embedded Processor Design Handbook

ID 726952
Date 10/02/2023

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Document Table of Contents Creating Multiple Application Projects

  1. Download the example source code using the link below.
  2. Navigate to the software/app folder and copy the example source codes.
  3. Change the default name of Mailbox Client Intel FPGA IP (MAILBOX_NAME) based on the system.h file, in the following locations:
    1. The example source codes
    2. bsp/drivers/src/altera_s10_mailbox_client_flash_rsu.c
    3. bsp/drivers/src/altera_s10_mailbox_client_rsu.c
  4. Launch the Nios V Command Shell.
  5. Execute the command below to generate the user application CMakeLists.txt.
    //For Application Image
    niosv-app --app-dir=software/app --bsp-dir=software/bsp \
    --srcs=software/app/application.c,zlib/crc32.c \
    //For Factory Image
    niosv-app --app-dir=software/app --bsp-dir=software/bsp \
    --srcs=software/app/factory.c,zlib/crc32.c \