E-tile Hard IP Intel® Agilex™ Design Example User Guide: Ethernet, E-tile CPRI PHY and Dynamic Reconfiguration

ID 683860
Date 9/26/2022

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Document Table of Contents 10GE/25GE MAC+PCS with RS-FEC and PTP Hardware Dynamic Reconfiguration Design Example Components

The 10GE/25GE hardware dynamic reconfiguration design example includes the following components:
  • E-tile Ethernet IP for Intel Agilex FPGA core.
  • Client logic that coordinates the programming of the IP core and packet generation.
  • Time-of-day (ToD) module to provide a continuous flow of current time-of-day information to the IP core.
  • PIO block to store RX and TX PTP timestamp for accuracy calculation and to send PTP 2-step timestamp request.
  • Avalon® -MM address decoder to decode reconfiguration address space for MAC, transceiver, and RS-FEC modules during reconfiguration accesses.
  • Nios® II System that communicates with the Nios® II Software Build Tools (SBT) for Eclipse. You communicate with the client logic and E-tile Ethernet IP for Intel Agilex FPGA through the tool.
  • IO PLL to provide datapath clocks 62.5 MHz and 125 MHz as required by the Triple-Speed Ethernet Intel FPGA IP.
  • ToD master module to provide a continuous flow of current time-of-day information to Triple-Speed Ethernet Intel FPGA IP.
By default, the hardware test run uses the internal serial loopback mode. The following sample outputs illustrate a successful hardware test run for a 25GE, MAC+PCS, RS-FEC, with PTP IP core variation. The hardware test uses this user control GUI to switch to any supported mode.
CPU is alive!

             Dynamic Reconfiguration Hardware Test

By default, the starting mode is 25G_PTP_FEC.
      Please choose one of Dynamic reconfiguration:
    0) 25G_PTP_FEC    -> 25G_PTP_noFEC -> 10G_PTP -> 25G_PTP_noFEC -> 25G_PTP_FEC -> 10G_PTP -> 25G_PTP_FEC
    1) 25G_PTP_FEC    -> 25G_PTP_noFEC
    2) 25G_PTP_noFEC  -> 25G_PTP_FEC
    3) 25G_PTP_FEC    -> 10G_PTP
    4) 10G_PTP        -> 25G_PTP_FEC
    5) 25G_PTP_noFEC  -> 10G_PTP
    6) 10G_PTP        -> 25G_PTP_noFEC
    9) Terminate test
       If you terminate test halfway, you must reload the .sof file before retrigger the hardware test.

Enter a Valid Selection (0,1,3,9):