Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Pro Edition: Programming Guide

ID 683846
Date 9/26/2022

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9.2.3. Creating a Makefile Project

This tutorial describes the process of creating a new C++ project (includes a makefile) and debugging the program. You must create a project to contain your source code and related files. A project has an associated builder that can incrementally compile source files as they are changed.

To create a makefile project, perform the following steps:

  1. Select File > New > Project.

    When you create a new project, you are required to specify the project type. This project type determines the toolchain, data, and tabs that the CDT uses or displays.

  2. Select the type of project you want to create. For this tutorial, expand the C/C++ folder and select the C++ Project. The C++ Project wizard launches.

    By default, the CDT filters the Project types and Toolchain list based on the language supported for the C++ Project wizard you selected for this tutorial.

  3. In the Project name field, type HelloWorld.
  4. Leave the Use Default Location option selected.
  5. From the Project types list, expand the Makefile project and select OpenCL FPGA Makefile Project. This project allows you to enter the source file and the makefile.
  6. From the Toolchain list, select the FPGA makefile.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish.

    If a message box prompts you to change perspectives, click Yes.

    Your new project displays in the Project Explorer view. The project is empty because you have not yet created files for your project. You may see an error since there is nothing to build yet for your project. You can now start writing the code for your HelloWorld program.