Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Pro Edition: Programming Guide

ID 683846
Date 9/26/2022

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4.3. Querying the Device Name of Your FPGA Board (diagnose)

Some OpenCL™ software utility commands require you to specify the device name (<device_name>). The <device_name> refers to the acl number (e.g., acl0 to acl127) that corresponds to the FPGA device. When you query a list of accelerator boards, the OpenCL software produces a list of installed devices on your machine in the order of their device names.
To query a list of installed devices on your machine, type aocl diagnose at a command prompt.
The software generates an output that resembles the example shown below:
aocl diagnose: Running diagnostic from <board_package_path>/<board_name>/<platform>/libexec

Verified that the kernel mode driver is installed on the host machine.

Using board package from vendor: <board_vendor_name>
Querying information for all supported devices that are installed on the host machine ...

device_name  Status  Information

acl0         Passed  <descriptive_board_name>
                     PCIe dev_id = <device_ID>, bus:slot.func = 02:00.00,
                       at Gen 2 with 8 lanes.
                     FPGA temperature = 43.0 degrees C.

acl1         Passed  <descriptive_board_name> 
                     PCIe dev_id = <device_ID>, bus:slot.func = 03:00.00,
                       at Gen 2 with 8 lanes.
                     FPGA temperature = 35.0 degrees C.

Found 2 active device(s) installed on the host machine, to perform a full diagnostic on a specific device, please run aocl diagnose <device_name>