Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents Understanding PR Logic Utilization Reports

After running the Fitter compilation stage, you can view reports about the logic utilization of your PR design in the Compilation Report. The Partial Reconfiguration and Periphery Reuse Statistics report provides data about the boundary ports, ALMs, and other resources that the PR region requires.

This report may show an increase in the implementation revision ALM logic utilization compared with the base revision utilization. Specifically, the value of '[C] estimate of the ALMs unavailable' can be significantly higher in the implementation revision compared to the base revision, as the following figures illustrate.

Figure 15.  Partial Reconfiguration and Periphery Reuse Statistics Report (Base Revision)

Figure 16. Partial Reconfiguration and Periphery Reuse Statistics Report (Implementation Revision)

This increase in ALM usage appears because the base revision compilation report reflects logic utilization that is based only on the base revision RTL file. However, for the implementation revision, the static region is imported from the base revision .qdb file that also includes all of the logic (used and unused) of the static region. This additional base revision logic causes the increase in [C]. In this case, [C] includes every ALM of the static region .qdb file. In contrast, [A] is the actual number of used ALMs in the design after placement. For the Total Logic Utilization of PR designs, you must review the [A]ALMs used in final placement.