Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents

2.2.1. Memory Map

The Partial Reconfiguration Controller Intel® FPGA IP has the following memory map.
Table 12.   Avalon® Memory-Mapped Slave Memory Map
Name Address Offset Width Access Description
PR_DATA 0x00 32 Write

Every data write to this address indicates this bitstream is sending to the IP core.

Width is set by the Input data width parameter.

PR_CSR 0x01 32 Read or Write Control and status registers with the following offset bits:
  • 31 - 7: Reserved.
  • 6: Protocol violation. This bit is asserted when the Avalon memory-mapped or Avalon streaming protocol is violated.
  • 5: Read/Write for irq signal mask bit. Write 1 to this bit enable irq signal and 0 to disable the irq signal.
  • 4: Read/Clear for irq signal. The irq signal asserts if an error occurs. The Master must read the status signal and clear the interrupt by writing 1 to this bit.
  • 3 - 1: Read-only for status signal.
  • 0: Read/Write for pr_start signal. To streamline the flow, the IP core automatically de-asserts to value 0, one clock cycle after the signal asserts.
PR_SW_VER 0x02 32 Read Read-only SW version register. Register is currently 0xBA500000.
PR_FW_HANDSHAKE 0x03 32 Read Current location of mailbox handshake between the PR IP and the SDM in the PR operation with the following offset bits:
  • 31 - 8: Reserved.
  • 7 - 0: Current location of the mailbox handshake between the PR IP and the SDM.
PR_FW_RESPONSE 0x04 32 Read SDM mailbox response. You must use this in conjunction with PR_FW_HANDSHAKE. If PR_FW_HANDSHAKE is 0x2 or 0x6, the following offset bits apply:
  • 31 - 11: Reserved.
  • 10 - 0: Response header of the response payload.
If PR_FW_HANDSHAKE is 0x4, the following offset bit applies:
  • 31 - 0: First response word of response payload.
Note: For IP core instantiation guidelines, refer to the appropriate device configuration user guide.