Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 7/31/2023
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3.3.7. PR Control Block and CRC Block Verilog HDL Manual Instantiation

The Partial Reconfiguration Controller Intel® Arria® 10 /Cyclone 10 IP includes the PR control block. However, if you create your own custom logic to perform the function of the IP core, you can manually instantiate the control block to communicate with the FPGA system.

The following example instantiates a PR control block inside a top-level Intel® Arria® 10 PR project, Chip_Top, in Verilog HDL:

module Chip_Top (
 //User I/O signals (excluding PR related signals)
//PR interface and configuration signals declaration
 wire pr_request;
 wire pr_ready;
 wire pr_done;
 wire crc_error;
 wire dclk;
 wire [31:0] pr_data;

twentynm_prblock m_pr
 .clk (dclk),
 .corectl (1'b1),
 .data (pr_data),
 .error (pr_error),
 .ready (pr_ready),
 .done (pr_done)

twentynm_crcblock m_crc
 .clk (clk),
 .shiftnld (1'b1),
 .crcerror (crc_error)

For more information about port connectivity for reading the Error Message Register (EMR), refer to the AN539: Test Methodology of Error Detection and Recovery using CRC.