HDMI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683798
Date 12/04/2023
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5.1.3. Source Window of Opportunity Generator

The source Window of Opportunity (WOP) generator creates valid data islands within the blanking regions.

During horizontal blanking region, the WOP generator creates a leading region to hold at least 12 period symbols that include eight preamble symbols. The generator also creates a trailing region to hold two data island trailing guard band symbols, at least 12 control period symbols that include eight preamble symbols and two video leading guard band symbols.

During vertical blanking region, the source cannot send more than 18 auxiliary packets consecutively. The WOP generator deasserts the data island output enable (aux_wop) line after every 18th auxiliary packet for 32-symbol clocks.

The WOP generator also has an integral number of auxiliary packet cycles: 24 clocks when processing in 1-symbol mode, 16 clocks when processing in 2-symbol mode, and 8 clocks when processing in 4-symbol mode.

Figure 21. Typical Window of OpportunityThe following figure shows a typical output from the WOP generator.