Early Power Estimator for Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGAs User Guide

ID 683743
Date 5/08/2017
Document Table of Contents

1.1. Power Model Status

The power models in the Early Power Estimator (EPE) spreadsheet are in either preliminary or final status. Preliminary power models are subject to change, and are created based on simulation results, process data, and other known parameters. The final power models are created based on a complete correlation to the production device. If the power models are final, there are no further changes to the power models. The power model status for the device is shown in the Main worksheet of the EPE spreadsheet.

For the majority of the designs, the Power Analyzer and the EPE spreadsheet have the following accuracy after the power models are final:

  • Power Analyzer: ± 20% from silicon, assuming that Power Analyzer uses the Value Change Dump File (.vcd) generated toggle rates
  • EPE spreadsheet: ± 30% from silicon, assuming EPE data imported from Power Analyzer results using .vcd generated toggle rates
The toggle rates are derived using the Power Analyzer with a .vcd file generated from a gate level simulation representative of the system operation.