Early Power Estimator for Intel® Cyclone® 10 LP FPGAs User Guide

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Date 5/08/2017
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3.9. Cyclone® 10 LP EPE - Enpirion Worksheet

Enpirion power devices are available to satisfy the power requirements for the power rails on Intel® FPGA devices. Power devices are selected based on load current, input and output voltages, and power-delivery configuration.

Each row in the Regulator Selection table represents the power solution for a single power group. The power groups are created by combining rails that can be allowably supplied from the same source. Enpirion device selection is enabled when the Main worksheet for the Maximum Power Characteristics and the Regulator Group section of the Report worksheet are set up correctly with no grouping errors.

In the following figure, a 12-V off-line regulator supplies input power for Groups 1 and 5. The 3-V regulator supplying Group 5 also acts as an intermediate bus supplying input power for Groups 2, 3, and 4.

Figure 22. Enpirion Worksheet of the Early Power Estimator Spreadsheet
Table 15.  Enpirion Worksheet Information
Column Heading Description
Group Compatible rails are combined in order to minimize the number of regulators required. For additional information, refer to the Report worksheet. See also Grouping Errors on the Main worksheet.
Regulator Input Voltage (V) Enter the input voltage here. The output voltage will be derived from this voltage. This field is filled automatically when non-zero Parent Group is specified.
Load Current Margin Margin can be added to account for component variability. It is recommended to retain the default 30% to assure the thermal capability of the solution over the full range of device variation and operating conditions. However, in certain cases when characteristics and conditions are fully defined, reducing the margin may lead to a more cost-effective solution. Exercise caution when changing these values.
Parent Group If one of the group voltages is to be used as an intermediate bus voltage, enter the group number here.
Regulator Type In some cases, a linear regulator (LDO) may be a good choice to supply one of the group voltages. The efficiency of an LDO is the ratio of output voltage to input voltage. In the figure, Group 2 can be efficiently supplied by an LDO. If desired, select Linear in the row for Group 2.
POK Select Yes to select a regulator with a Power OK (POK) output to assist with sequencing.
Suggested Enpirion Part Suggested Enpirion part is automatically populated with the part number of the device that most closely matches the Load Current (A), Regulator Type and POK selections. The dropdown can be used to optionally select devices with equivalent or higher current capabilities.
Pin Compatible Parts Pin compatible parts are devices with equivalent or higher current capabilities that can be placed on the same PCB footprint as the Suggested Enpirion Part. Additional components or changes to component values may be required when using a pin compatible part.