E-tile Hard IP Intel® Stratix® 10 Design Examples User Guide: Ethernet, CPRI PHY, and Dynamic Reconfiguration

ID 683578
Date 3/06/2022

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4.4.3. Hardware Design Examples

In general, simulation design examples and hardware design examples follow the same flow except for a PMA adaptation flow.

Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition supports switching between internal serial loopback without PMA adaptation, the internal serial loopback with PMA adaptation, and the external loopback with PMA adaptation. To select the loopback mode, configure TEST_MODE parameter in the flow.c.

0 Internal serial loopback without PMA adaptation
1 Internal serial loopback with PMA adaptation
2 External serial loopback with PMA adaptation

For speed switching to 24G, 12G, 10G, and 9.8G speed modes, setting TEST_MODE to a non-zero value enables the general PMA adaptation. This PMA adaptation with zero effort configuration is used to shorten the link up time to less than 100 ms as per CPRI specifications requirement.

For speed switching to 6G speed modes or lower, the hardware design examples use the manual CTLE function to shorten the link up time to less than 100 ms per CPRI specification requirement. For more information about manual CTLE configuration, refer to the E-Tile Transceiver PHY User Guide.