Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Programmer

ID 683528
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents

1.1.1. Stand-Alone Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer

Intel FPGA offers the free stand-alone Programmer, which has the same full functionality as the Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. The stand-alone Programmer is useful when programming your devices with another workstation, so you do not need two full licenses. You can download the stand-alone Programmer from the Download Center on the Altera website.

Stand-Alone Programmer Memory Limitations

The stand-alone Programmer may use significant memory during the following operations:

  • During auto-detect operations
  • When the programming file is added to the flash
  • During manual attachment of the flash into the Programmer window

The 32-bit stand-alone Programmer can only use a limited amount of memory when launched in 32-bit Windows. Note the following specific limitations of 32-bit stand-alone Programmer:

Table 2.  Stand-Alone Programmer Memory Limitations
Application Maximum Flash Device Size Flash Device Operation Using PFL
32-bit Stand-Alone Programmer Up to 512 Mb Single Flash Device
64-bit Stand-Alone Programmer Up to 2 Gb Multiple Flash Device

The stand-alone Programmer supports combination and/or conversion of Intel® Quartus® Prime programming files using the Convert Programming Files dialog box. You can convert programming files, such as Mask Settings File (.msf), Partial-Mask SRAM Object File (.pmsf), SRAM Object Files (.sof), or Programmer Object Files (.pof) into other file formats that support device configuration schemes for Intel FPGA devices.

Note the following device-specific file conversion limitations with use of the 32-bit stand-alone Programmer:

Table 3.  Stand-Alone Programmer File Conversion Limitations
Programming File Conversion Device Support
32-bit Programming File Conversion All Supported Intel FPGA Devices Except Intel® Arria® 10
64-bit Programming File Conversion All Supported Intel FPGA Devices