AN 776: UHD HDMI 2.0 Video Format Conversion Design Example

ID 683465
Date 4/15/2021
Document Table of Contents

2.2.1. Installation Files for the UHD HDMI 2.0 Video Format Conversion Design Example

Table 1.  Files and Directories
File or Directory Name Description
ip Contains the IP instance files for all the Intel FPGA IP in the design. Including IP instances for :
  • An HDMI core (transmit and receive)
  • A PLL that generates clocks at the top level of the design
  • All the IPs in the Platform Designer system for the processing pipeline.
master_image Contains pre_compiled.sof – a precompiled board programming file for the design.
non_acds_ip Contains source code for additional IP in this design that the Intel Quartus Prime Design Suite does not include:
  • Source for an icon generator
  • A reset synchronizer
  • Interface components to allow direct connection between HDMI and Clocked Video IPs.
sdc Contains an SDC file that describes the additional timing constraints required by this design that are not handled by SDC files included automatically with the IP instances.
software Contains source code, libraries, and build scripts for the software that runs on the embedded Nios II processor to control the high-level functionality of the design.
non_acds_ip.ipx This .ipx file declares all the IP in the non_acds_ip directory to Platform Designer so it appears in the IP Library
pre_compile_flow.tcl A Tcl script that the Intel Quartus project uses before compilation to automate the required build steps
README.txt Brief instructions to build and run the design

The Intel Quartus Prime project file for the design

top.qsf The Intel Quartus Prime project settings file for the design. This file lists all the files required to build the design, the pin assignments, and other project settings.
top.v The top level Verilog HDL file for the design.
udx10_hdmi.qsys The Platform Designer system containing the video processing pipeline and the Nios II processor and its peripherals.