Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Getting Started

ID 683463
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents Project File Best Practices

The Quartus® Prime software provides various options for specifying project settings and constraints.
The following best practices help ensure automated management and portability of your project files.
  • Avoid manually editing Quartus® Prime data files, such as the Quartus® Prime Project File (.qpf), Quartus® Prime Settings File (.qsf), Quartus IP File (.ip), or Platform Designer System File (.qsys). Syntax errors in these files cause errors during compilation. For example, the software may ignore improperly formatted settings and assignments.

  • Do not compile multiple projects into the same directory. Instead, use a separate directory for each project.

  • By default, the Quartus® Prime software saves all project output files, such as Text-Format Report Files (.rpt), in the project directory. If you want to change the location of output files, instead of manually moving project output files, click Assignments > Settings > Compilation Process Settings, and specify the Save project output files in specified directory option.