Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Getting Started

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Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents QDB File Attribute Types

The Quartus Database Viewer can display the following attributes of a .qdb file:

Table 35.  QDB File Attributes
QDB Attribute Types Attribute Example

Project Information

Contents Partition
Date Thu Jan 23 10:56:23 2018
Device 10AX016C3U19E2LG
Entity (if Partition) Counter
Family Arria 10
Partition Name root_partition
Revision Name Top
Revision Type PR_BASE
Snapshot synthesized
Version 18.1.0 Pro Edition
Version-Compatible Yes

Resource Utilization (exported for partition QDB only)

For synthesized snapshot partition lists data from the Synthesis Resource Usage Summary report.

Average fan-out.16

Dedicated logic registers:14

Estimate of Logic utilization:1

I/O pins:35

Maximum fan-out:2

Maximum fan-out node:counter[23]

Total DSP Blocks:0

Total fan-out:6


For the final snapshot partition, lists data from the Fitter Partition Statistics report.

Average fan-out:.16

Combinational ALUTs: 16

I/O Registers