Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Getting Started

ID 683463
Date 4/01/2024
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B.1.2. Optimizing Settings with Project Revisions

You can save multiple, named project revisions within your Quartus® Prime project (Project > Revisions). Each project revision captures a unique set of project settings and constraints, while using the same set of logic design files.

Use revisions to experiment with different settings while preserving the original. Optimize different revisions for separate applications:

  • Create a unique revision to optimize a design for different criteria, such as by area in one revision and by fMAX in another revision.
  • When you create a new revision the default Quartus® Prime settings initially apply.
  • Create a revision of a revision to experiment with settings and constraints. The child revision includes all the assignments and settings of the parent revision.

You create, delete, and edit revisions in the Revisions dialog box. Each time you create a new project revision, the Quartus® Prime software creates a new .qsf using the revision name.

To compare each revision’s synthesis, fitting, and timing analysis results side-by-side, click Project > Revisions and then click Compare. In addition to viewing the compilation Results of each revision, you can also compare the Assignments for each revision. This comparison reveals how different optimization options affect your design.

Figure 67. Comparing Project Revisions