AN 861: Intel® Stratix® 10 H-Tile PCI Express* Link Hardware Validation

ID 683407
Date 6/29/2018
Public Installing the Windows driver

This section describes the steps to set up the Windows driver for hardware validation on the Windows platform.
  1. Download the driver from the following alterawiki link:

  2. Unzip the
  3. Open the Windows Device Manager and scan for hardware changes.
  4. Select the Intel FPGA listed as an unknown PCI* device and point to the appropriate 32- or 64-bit driver (altera_pcie_win_driver.intf) in the Windows_driver directory.
  5. After the driver loads successfully, a new device named Altera PCI API Device should appear in the Windows Device Manager.
  6. You can determine the BDF number for the Altera PCI API Device listed in the Windows Device Manager by doing the following:
    1. Expand the tab Altera PCI API Driver under the devices.
    2. Right click on Altera PCI API Device and select Properties.
    3. Take note of the bus, device and function numbers for the device. Figure 10 shows an example of the bus, device and function numbers for the new PCIe* device.
Figure 9. An example of BDF numbers for a new PCIe* device in Device Manager