AN 768: Multi-Rate (Up to 12G) SDI II Reference Design for Intel® Arria® 10 Devices

ID 683319
Date 5/08/2017

1. AN 768: Multi-Rate (Up to 12G) SDI II Reference Design for Intel Arria 10 Devices

The multi rate (up to 12G) Serial Digital Interface II (SDI II) with external voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) reference design demonstrates the transmission and reception of video data using the Intel SDI II IP core, Intel Arria® 10 GX FPGA Development Kit, and the Nextera FMC daughter card.
The reference design allows single-link transmission of SDI video data at data rates up to 12 Gbps, which supports 4Kp60. This reference design supports these standards:
  • SD-SDI

  • HD-SDI

  • 3G-SDI

  • 6G-SDI

  • 12G-SDI

The multi rate SDI II with external VCXO reference design consists of a simplex TX channel and a simplex RX channel. Each channel has its own blocks to operate independently.
  • Channel 0 TX
    • Transceiver Native PHY in TX Simplex mode
    • SDI II transmitter instance
    • TX channel Transceiver PHY reset controller
    • TX PLL
  • Channel 0 RX
    • Transceiver Native PHY in RX Simplex mode
    • SDI II IP receiver instance
    • RX channel Transceiver PHY reset controller
    • Transceiver reconfiguration management block
Figure 1. Multi Rate (Up to 12G) SDI II with External VCXO Reference Design Block Diagram

For more information about each component in the block diagram, refer to Reference Design Components.