Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Standard Edition: Reference Manual

ID 683310
Date 12/18/2019
Document Table of Contents

4.1. Component Invocation Interface

For each function that you label as a component, the Intel® HLS Compiler creates a corresponding RTL module. This RTL module must have top-level ports, or interfaces, that allow your overall system to interact with your HLS component.
By default, the RTL module for a component includes the following interfaces and data:
  • A call interface that consists of start and busy signals. The call interface is sometimes referred to as the do stream.
  • A return interface that consists of done and stall signals. The return interface is sometimes referred to as the return stream.
  • Return data if the component function has a return type that is not void
See for an example component showing these interfaces.
Your component function parameters generate different RTL depending on their type. For details see the following sections:
You can also explicitly declare Avalon Streaming interfaces (stream_in<> and stream_out<> classes) and Avalon Memory-Mapped Master (mm_master<> classes) interfaces on component interfaces. For details see the following sections:

In addition, you can indicate the control signals that correspond to the actions of calling your component by using the component invocation interface arguments. For details, see Component Invocation Interface Arguments.