Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Standard Edition: Reference Manual

ID 683310
Date 12/18/2019
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4.5. Component Invocation Interface Arguments

The component invocation interface refers to the control signals that correspond to actions of calling the function. All unstable component argument inputs are synchronized according to this component invocation protocol. A component argument is unstable if it changes while there is live data in the component (that is, between pipelined function invocations).
Table 13.   Intel® HLS Compiler Standard Edition Component Invocation Interface Argument Summary
Invocation Argument Description

This is the default component invocation interface.

The component uses start, busy, stall, and done signals for handshaking.

hls_avalon_slave_component The start, done, and returndata (if applicable) signals are registered in the component slave memory map.
hls_always_run_component The start signal is tied to 1 internally in the component. There is no done signal output.
hls_stall_free_return If the downstream component never stalls, the stall signal is removed by internally setting it to 0.