AN 709: HPS SoC Boot Guide - Cyclone V SoC Development Kit

ID 683265
Date 1/27/2016
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1.4.2. Preloader

The Preloader can be debugged much easier than the Boot ROM, since all the source code is available.

The following general purpose debugging techniques can be used:

  • On systems where a JTAG connection is available, a debugger can be used to debug the Preloader.
  • Alternatively, the code can be modified to output more debug information either through serial connection, if available, or by toggling LEDs or various other signals.

When the Preloader is generated by the Preloader Support Package Generator, the file preloader.ds is also automatically created. This file enables the developer to debug the Preloader by using the ARM DS-5 AE over a JTAG connection.

Note: Since the executable is an ELF format, any other compatible debugger may be used too.