AN 709: HPS SoC Boot Guide - Cyclone V SoC Development Kit

ID 683265
Date 1/27/2016
Give Feedback Debugging the Preloader from ARM DS-5 AE

The following steps are required in order to debug the Preloader from ARM DS-5 AE:

  1. Compile Hardware Design to obtain the handoff files.
  2. Generate the Preloader from the Preloader Support Package Generator. This creates the files preloader.ds and uboot.ds in the Preloader folder.
  3. Compile the Preloader to obtain the executable.
  4. Connect the board to the host PC by using the USB serial connection (in order to see the Preloader serial output).
  5. Connect the board to the PC by using either USB Blaster or ARM DSTREAM.
  6. Start ARM DS-5 AE and select your workspace if asked.
  7. In DS-5 AE, go to Run > Debug Configurations to open the Debug Configurations window.
  8. Create a new debug configuration by right-clicking DS-5 Debugger on the left panel and selecting New.
  9. Rename the new debug configuration to Debug Preloader by editing the Name field.
  10. In the "Connection" tab of the Debug Configuration window, select the target to be Altera > Cyclone V SoC (Dual Core) > Bare Metal Debug > Debug Cortex A9_0.
  11. Select Target Connection to be either USB-Blaster or DSTREAM.
  12. Click the Browse button in the "Connections" group, select the desired connection, and click Select.
  13. In the "Debugger" tab of the Debug Configurations window, select the option Connect Only under "Run Control".
  14. In the same tab, check the option Run debug initialization debugger script, then click File System … button and browse to the preloader.ds file that was created by the Preloader Generator .
  15. Click the Debug button. This closes the Debug Configurations window, and start a debugging session. The usual debugging techniques can then be applied.