Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Block-Based Design

ID 683247
Date 11/07/2023
Document Table of Contents Step 3: Developer: Compile and Export the Root Partition

After compilation, the Developer exports the root partition at the synthesized or final stage. The Developer supplies any Synopsys* Design Constraints (.sdc) file for the partition. The Developer uses the .sdc files to drive placement and routing. The Consumer uses .sdc files for evaluation of partitions that reuse .qdb files, and to drive placement in the Fitter for non-reused or non-preserved partitions.
  1. To run all compilation stages through Fitter (Finalize), click Processing > Start > Start Fitter.
  2. To export the root partition to a .qdb file, click Project > Export Design Partition. Select the root_partition and the synthesized or final snapshot.
  3. To include any entity-bound .sdc files in the exported .qdb, turn on Include entity-bound SDC files for the selected partition. By default, all Intel® FPGA IP targeting Intel® Stratix® 10 devices use entity-bound .sdc files.

    The following command corresponds to the root partition export in the GUI:

    quartus_cdb <project name> -c <revision name> \
         --export_partition "root_partition" --snapshot final \
         --file root_partition.qdb --include_sdc_entity_in_partition
  4. The Developer provides the exported .qdb file and .sdc files for the reserved core to the Consumer.