Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Block-Based Design

ID 683247
Date 12/16/2019

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1.2.2. Incremental Block-Based Compilation Overview

You can use incremental block-based compilation to help close timing faster through use of design partition preservation, or to reduce overall compile time through design abstraction with empty design partitions.

You can partition your design and preserve the compilation results for specific design partitions, while at the same time changing and re-compiling the RTL. The Compiler modifies only the non-preserved partitions in the design, while retaining the results of preserved partitions. You can also target optimization techniques to specific design partitions, while leaving other partitions unchanged. This flow can reduce design iterations, improve the predictability of results during iterations, and achieve faster timing closure for teams and individual designers.

You can specify a design partition as Empty to represent parts of your design that are incomplete or missing. Setting a partition to Empty can reduce the total compilation time if the Compiler does not process design logic associated with the empty partition.

Empty partitions allow you to:

  • Set aside incomplete portions of the design, mark them as Empty, and complete the design incrementally.
  • Designate complete portions of the design as Empty to focus all subsequent Compiler efforts on uncompleted portions of the design