Nios II Custom Instruction User Guide

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Date 4/27/2020
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4.1.6. Configuring the Custom Instruction Parameter Type

To configure the custom instruction parameter type, follow these steps:

  1. Click Next to display the Parameters tab. The parameters in the .v files are displayed.
    Figure 16. Custom Instruction Parameters

    The Editable checkbox next to each parameter indicates whether the parameter will appear in the custom component's parameter editor. By default, all parameters are editable.

  2. To remove a parameter from the custom instruction parameter editor, you can turn off Editable next to the parameter. For the CRC example, you can leave all parameters editable.
    When Editable is off, the user cannot see or control the parameter, and it is set to the value in the Default Value column. When Editable is on, the user can control the parameter value, and it defaults to the value in the Default Value column.
  3. To see a preview of the custom component's parameter editor, you can click Preview the GUI.