FIR II IP Core: User Guide

ID 683208
Date 6/12/2020

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3.4.2. MSB and LSB Truncation, Saturation, and Rounding

The FIR II IP Core output options on the parameter editor allow you to truncate or saturate the MSB and to truncate or round the LSB. Saturation, truncation, and rounding are non-linear operations.
Table 12.  Options for Limiting Precision
Bit Range Option Result
MSB Truncate In truncation, the filter disregards specified bits..
Saturate In saturation, if the filtered output is greater than the maximum positive or negative value that can be represented, the output is forced (or saturated) to the maximum positive or negative value.
LSB Truncate Same process as for MSB.
Round The output is rounded away from zero.
Figure 7. Removing Bits from the MSB and LSB