SDI II Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683133
Date 12/09/2022

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5.3.1. Insert Line

The insert line submodule provides HD-SDI and higher standards the option to include line numbers along with the video data.

This information is at the end of active video (EAV) extension words of the data stream, as defined in the SMPTE ST 292 specification. The line number is 11 bits wide and spreads over two SDI words to use the SDI legal data space.

This submodule takes the 11-bit line number data value, correctly encodes them, and inserts them into the 10-bit stream. The line number value is user-defined. The top level port signal is tx_ln[10:0] and tx_ln_b[10:0] for link B in 3G-SDI (level B) and HD dual link modes. You also have the option to enable or disable this feature using the tx_enable_ln signal at the top level port. The SDI II IP core inserts the same line number value into both video channels. The Y and C channels require two of these submodules.

Figure 20. Line Number Insertion and Signal Requirements

This figure illustrates the line number insertion and signal requirements. For a correct line insertion, assert the tx_trs signal for the first word of both EAV and start of active video (SAV) TRS.