Intel® Advisor User Guide

ID 766448
Date 11/07/2023

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Examine specified annotated sites for opportunities to reduce lock contention or find deadlocks in a Suitability report.

GUI Equivalent

Suitability > Lock Contention




<string> is a comma-separated list of annotated sites (no spaces).


No default argument

Actions Modified



Lock contention is the time one thread spends waiting for a lock to be released while another thread holds that lock (as opposed to lock overhead, which is the time spent creating, destroying, acquiring, and releasing locks). You can reduce lock contention by using different locks for unrelated data when you convert to a parallel framework.

Usage of this option simulates parallel execution with the assumption that lock contention is zero for a specified site.


Generate a Suitability report. Examine the annotated sites myAnnotatedSiteJ and myAnnotatedSiteX for opportunities to reduce lock contention. Write the report to stdout.

advisor --report=suitability --reduce-lock-contention=myAnnotatedSiteJ,myAnnotatedSiteX --project-dir=./advi_results

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