Intel® Advisor User Guide

ID 766448
Date 11/07/2023

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This option helps you to minimize data collection overhead by including exactly the GPU kernels you want to be profiled.

GUI Equivalent

Project Properties > Analysis Target > Survey Hotspots Analysis > GPU kernels of interest

Project Properties > Analysis Target > Characterization (with Trip Counts and FLOP enabled) > GPU kernels of interest




<kernel_names> is the list of GPU kernels to include in profiling. You can specify the necessary kernels in any of the following ways:

Enter the kernel names explicitly:


Use a mask with * and . special characters, where * indicates any number of characters, and . indicates a single character:


If you want to explicitly instruct Intel Advisor to profile all GPU kernels, you can use *:


Combine several search strings, using a comma-separated list – in this case, a GPU kernel will be selected for analysis if at least one string is found in its name (-OR- logic is applied):



If this option is not configured (default behavior), Intel Advisor will profile all kernels.

Actions Modified



This option helps you to minimize data collection overhead. It is available for both Survey and Trip Counts collection.


The following example runs a Survey analysis launched from myScript and profiles only the GPU kernels which names start with test.

advisor --collect=survey --profile-gpu -gpu-kernel-of-interest=test* -- ./myScript