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Cabot Partners and the Benefits of Intel® Omni-Path Fabric

Srini Chari of Cabot Partners, talks about Intel® Omni-Path Fabric and the importance of high-performance fabric for HPC apps and system performance.

Intersect360 Research Talks HPC with Intel® Omni-Path Fabric

Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research, talks about Intel® Omni-Path Fabric, which offers performance, reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency.

RSC HPC Technology Benefits Business and Profits

Discover how RSC Group uses Intel® Omni-Path Fabric to optimize traffic flow in an improved ecosystem that can benefit business and increase profits.

Supermicro | High Performance Computing with Intel® OP Fabric

Supermicro delivers high performance with Intel® Omni-Path Fabric to improve HPC data transfers and lower latency for an optimized solution.

Altair Improves HPC and Offers New Simulation Capabilities

Altair Engineering incorporates Intel® Omni-Path Fabric to optimize HPC applications, providing high scalability and backwards compatibility.

University of Cambridge and Intel Partner in HPC Research Video

Video: Paul Calleja, University of Cambridge, discusses how the partnership with Intel for HPC research solutions using Intel® Omni-Path Fabric.

Cray and Intel Develop Faster HPC Facilities Video

Video: Senior VP Ryan White discusses how Cray uses Intel® Omni-Path Fabric to develop faster communication and reduced latency in HPC facilities.