Frequently Asked Questions About Quartus® Prime Design Software

Quartus® Prime Software enables a fast path to turning Altera® FPGA, SoC, and CPLD designs into reality. It provides tools and features needed to help with every step from design entry and synthesis to optimization, verification, and simulation. Check out the Quartus Prime Software brochure for more details.

Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Software and Quartus® Prime Standard Edition Software require a paid license, but Quartus® Prime Lite Edition Software is license-free. A fixed-node subscription supports access to the Pro Edition and Standard Edition, was well as the Questa*-Altera® FPGA Edition with one year of maintenance. To obtain a license, go to the Intel® FPGA Licensing Support Center.

If you are ready to purchase a license or need advanced FPGA and SoC features—such as support for Agilex® 7, Stratix® 10, Arria® 10, and Cyclone® 10 LP device families—first purchase a paid license from the Intel® FPGA Licensing Support Center. To get started with the free version of Quartus® Prime Lite Edition Software or to download a licensed version, go to Quartus Prime Software downloads.