Features and Performance

View, read, watch, stream, listen, and learn. The newest Intel® Celeron® processors offer amazing video conferencing experience, increased bandwidth with Intel® Wi-Fi 6, and school day long battery life for uninterrupted education.

Experience seamless collaboration. Intel® Celeron® processors make distance learning a breeze with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 for video conferencing. Ideal for dense virtual classroom environments thanks to the ability to work in low light conditions, natural language processing, and background noise suppression.

Create, play, and multitask. Students and teachers can enjoy uninterrupted classroom learning, along with fast web and online app browsing, multitasking, and spreadsheet calculations.

Watch, game, or create all while on the go. Intel® Celeron® processors feature Intel® UHD graphics for 4kHDR video playback and gaming in 720p. The Intel® Graphics Command Center allows for easy fine-tuning of graphics and settings.

With the ultra-fast Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+), Intel® Celeron® processors deliver nearly 3X1 faster speeds, enhanced reliability with fewer network drops and less buffering, and up to 75%2 latency reduction.