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Intel® Embedded Technology: Intelligent Digital Signage

Learn how intelligent digital signage solutions enhance shopper experience with anonymous video analytics, interactive touch screens, and more.

Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit Core for Crown Bay

Software: Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit contains the UEFI-based firmware component to perform basic initialization on Crown Bay reference board.

Intel® BLDK for Intel® Atom™ Processor N2000 Series on Windows*

Install Package: Download Intel® BLDK to perform initialization on Intel® Atom™ processor N2000 series-based CRBs on Windows*. (v., Aug. 2012)

Intel® BLDK Development Application for Linux*: Install Package

Install Package: Download the Intel® BLDK for Linux* providing a controlled environment for developing customized firmware boot loaders. (v.2.0.0)

Workload Consolidation in Communications Infrastructure

Intel® Virtualization Technology enables workload consolidation on a single architecture, simplifying network complexity and management.

Radio Network Layer Data Plane Processing: Paper

White Paper: Describes how embedded Intel® architecture implements the workload associated with a Radio Network Layer Data Plane pipeline.

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Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit: Release Notes

Release Notes: Related documents on Intel® Boot Loader Development Kit, including known and resolved issues, and new features. (v.2.0.0, Oct. 2010)

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Intel® BLDK Core Version for Crown Bay

This BLDK GOLD release contains firmware component designed to perform basic initialization on the Queens Bay platform based CRB.

Tuning for Intel® Xeon® Processor C5500/C3500 Series

White Paper: Make performance-aware decisions like CPU population, memory configuration, and I/O device placement to increase performance. (May 2010)

Intel® Xeon® Processor C5500/C3500 Series: Overview

Overview: Provides micro-architecture, processor, and technology overviews for the Intel® Xeon® Processor C5500/C3500 Series. (v.3.6, Jan. 2010)