Running Simulation Using the Quartus® II NativeLink Software



To run simulation using the Quartus II NativeLink feature, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Check Settings

  1. On the Assignments menu, click EDA Tool Settings to open the Settings dialog box and then click Simulation.
    1. Verify that ModelSim*-Altera® software or any third-party tools are selected in the Tool name field.
    2. Under NativeLink Settings, make sure the correct test bench is selected.
  2. To use the Quartus II NativeLink feature, you must also provide the absolute path for the ModelSim SE/PE software or any third-party simulation tools.
  3. To set the absolute path, go to the Tools menu, click Options, then General, then EDA Tools Options. Please make sure to specify the location of the tool executable for each third-party EDA tools.


  • ModelSim: c:\modeltech_6.4a\win32
  • ModelSim-Altera: c:\altera\90\modelsim_ae\win32aloem

Note: For other third-party EDA tools, their respective locations are in their installation directory.

Step 2: Run Simulation

  1. Go to Tools menu, select the Run EDA Simulation Tools, and choose which type of simulation you want to use:
  • Run RTL Simulation
  • Run Gate Level Simulation