Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Third-party Simulation

ID 683080
Date 2/05/2024
Document Table of Contents Module Definitions in Library Directories

A library directory can contain one or more module definitions, as well as other elements, such as SystemVerilog package definitions.

A library directory can store only one module definition per module. For example, if the and files define the same module adder, but have different implementations (perhaps implements a fast adder), then compiling both files into the same library directory with a single compilation command results in a compilation error. However, you can compile the and files into different library directories.

You can also replace an existing module definition in a library with another module definition with the same module name. For example, if a library directory already includes a module definition for adder (from compiling file, and you compile the file into that library directory, the existing module definition in the library directory is replaced with the module definition from