AN 977: Nios® V Processor Custom Instruction

ID 773194
Date 4/14/2023
Document Table of Contents

4.3. Custom Instruction Subordinate

You can use the Platform Designer Component Editor to instantiate a Nios® V processor custom instruction subordinate based on your custom hardware. The Platform Designer component editor enables you to create new components in the Platform Designer system.

Implementing a custom instruction involves using the custom instruction tool flow and comprises of the following tasks:

  1. Writing the custom instruction HDL file
  2. Opening the component editor
  3. Specifying the custom instruction component type
  4. Displaying the custom instruction block symbol
  5. Adding the HDL files
  6. Configuring the custom instruction parameter type
  7. Setting up the custom instruction interfaces
  8. Saving and adding the custom instruction
  9. Generating the system and compiling in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software

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