AN 690: PCI Express* Avalon® -MM DMA Reference Design

ID 683824
Date 5/08/2017

1.6. Running the Reference Design

The reference design has the following hardware and software requirements:

Hardware Requirements

  • The FPGA Development Kit
  • A computer with a PCIe slot running Windows or either 32- or 64 bit Linux.This computer is referred as computer number 1.
  • A second computer with the Quartus® Prime software installed or a computer running 64-bit Windows. This computer downloads the SRAM Object File (*.sof) to the FPGA on the development board. This computer is referred as computer number 2.
  • A USB cable or other download cable.

Software Requirements

  • The reference design software installed on computer number 1.
  • The Quartus® Prime software installed on computer number 2.
    • Arria® V, Cyclone V® , and Stratix® V: require Quartus® Prime Standard Edition, version 15.1 or later
    • Arria 10: requires Quartus® Prime Standard or Pro Edition, version 16.0 or later
    • Startix 10: requires Quartus® Prime Pro Edition, version 17.1IR1 or later

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