AN 872: Thermal and Power Guidelines: For Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card with Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA

ID 683795
Date 8/30/2019
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2.1. Auto-Shutdown

The Board Management Controller monitors and controls resets, different power rails, FPGA and board temperatures. When the Board Management Controller senses conditions that can potentially damage the board, it automatically shuts down board power for protection.
Note: When the FPGA loses power, the PCIe link between the Intel® FPGA PAC and host is down. In many systems, the PCIe link-down may cause a system crash.
Table 2.  Auto-Shutdown CriteriaThe following table lists the criteria beyond which the Board Management Controller shuts down board power.
Parameter Threshold Limit
Board Power 66 W
12v Backplane Current 6 A
12v Backplane Voltage 14 V
1.2v Current 16 A
1.2v Voltage 1.4 V
1.8v Current 8 A
1.8v Voltage 2.04 V
3.3v Current 8 A
3.3v Voltage 3.96 V
FPGA Core Voltage 1.08 V
FPGA Core Current 60 A
FPGA Core Temperature 100°C
Core Supply Temperature 120°C
Board Temperature 80°C
QSFP Temperature 90°C
QSFP Voltage 3.7 V