SmartVID Controller IP Core User Guide

ID 683770
Date 5/08/2017

2.2. SmartVID Controller Parameters

You can use the GUI parameters to configure the SmartVID Controller IP core.
Table 1.  SmartVID Controller ParametersThe table below lists the options in the SmartVID Controller parameter editor.
Parameters Value Description
Device family Arria 10 This IP core is available only for Arria 10 devices with –V power option.
Core Speed Grade –3, –2, or –1 Select the core fabric speed grade of the FPGA.
Note: If you select –1, the SmartVID feature will not be enabled.
Device Supports VID Yes or No Indicates if the device you selected supports the SmartVID feature.
Start operation Yes or No
  • Select Yes to allow the IP core to start operation after it is out of reset. The IP core will start operating immediately based on your settings.
  • Select No if you do not want the IP core to start operation until the configuration registers are fully programmed.
Enable SmartVID computation Yes or No Select No if you don't want to use the SmartVID feature.
Step size in VID code 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 Select the difference value (mV) between two consecutive VID codes.
Minimum time for VID code update 10–1048 Select the duration that must elapse (ms) after the IP core reads the previous VID code and before it computes a new VID code.
Note: Advanced users can configure and read the status of the SmartVID Controller IP core through the control and status registers.

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