SmartVID Controller IP Core User Guide

ID 683770
Date 5/08/2017

1. SmartVID Controller Overview

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 16.0
The SmartVID Controller IP core enables devices to operate at lower VCC while retaining the same performance level, reducing the overall power consumption.

The SmartVID computing algorithm uses the device speed grade information and targets the operating voltage through fuse values to determine the desired voltage identification (VID) code. The SmartVID Controller IP core then sends the VID code to an external voltage regulator on a parallel interface. For Industrial speed grade, the SmartVID controller takes in additional input from on-die temperature sensor to perform a temperature compensated voltage change operation.

Note: To use the SmartVID controller IP core, you need an Intel Arria® 10 device that supports VID operation. VID supported devices have a –V power option in the device code. Contact Intel to have access to these devices.

Item Description
Release Information Version 16.0
Release May 2016
IP Core Information Core Features
  • Enables computation delay and computed VID code magnitude adjustment
  • Lowers voltage according to the temperature obtained from the Temperature Sensor
Device Family Supports Arria® 10 devices with –V power option.
Design Tools
  • Quartus® Prime software for IP design instantiation and compilation
  • Temperature Sensor IP core