AN 954: Hierarchical Partial Reconfiguration Tutorial: for the Intel® Agilex® F-Series FPGA Development Board

ID 683687
Date 8/04/2021

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Modifying an Existing Persona

You can change an existing persona, even after fully compiling the base revision.

For example, to cause the blinking_led_child_slow persona to blink even slower:

  1. In the file, modify the COUNTER_TAP parameter from 27 to 28.
  2. Recompile any implementation revision that uses this source file, such as hpr_child_slow or hpr_parent_slow_child_slow.
  3. Regenerate the PR bitstreams from the .pmsf files.
  4. Follow the steps in Step 10: Programming the Board to program the resulting RBF file into the FPGA.