AN 845: Signal Tap Tutorial for Intel® Arria® 10 Partial Reconfiguration Design

ID 683662
Date 1/28/2022

2.1. Step 1: Getting Started

Copy the reference design files to your working environment and compile the initial design for this tutorial:

  1. Before you begin, download the tutorial files.
  2. In your working environment, create a directory named a10_pcie_devkit_blinking_led_stp.
  3. Copy the downloaded tutorials/a10_pcie_devkit_blinking_led_stp/start sub-folder to your working directory.
  4. In the Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software, click File > Open Project and select blinking_led.qpf.
  5. Click Project > Revisions and set blinking_led as the current revision.
  6. Click Processing > Start Compilation.
  7. Repeat the following steps to complete Analysis and Synthesis for the blinking_led_slow, blinking_led_default, and blinking_led_empty revisions:
    1. Change the current revision by clicking Project > Revisions and selecting a revision to set as the current revision.
    2. Click Processing > Start > Start Analysis and Synthesis.