Nios® V Processor Reference Manual

ID 683632
Date 5/26/2023
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3.3.2. Arithmetic Logic Unit

The arithmetic logic unit (ALU) operates on data stored in general-purpose registers. ALU operations take one or two inputs from registers and store the result back into the register.

Table 46.  Fundamental Data Operations of the ALU
Category Description
Arithmetic Addition and subtraction on signed and unsigned operands.
Relational Equal, not-equal, greater-than-or-equal, and less-than relational operations (==, != >=, <).
Logical AND, OR, NOR, and XOR logical operations.
Shift Logical and arithmetic shift operations.

For load and store instructions, the Nios® V/g processor uses the ALU to calculate the memory address. For conditional control transfer instructions, Nios® V/g processor uses the relational operations in the ALU to determine if the processor takes or leaves the branch..

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