Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* Design Example User Guide

ID 683517
Date 1/19/2024
Document Table of Contents Testing Bitstream Configuration beyond 256 Channels (for DPDK Poll Mode Driver)

Note: In case, if the *.sof file generated with the number of channels > 256, please follow this procedure.
  1. Define following macros in dpdk/drivers/net/mcdma/rte_pmd_mcdma.h
    #define IFC_MCDMA_DIDF
  2. Configure the mem zone in dpdk-stable/config/rte_config.h
    #define RTE_MAX_MEMZONE 20480
In case of AVMM, BDF is provided as an argument and you must define examples/mcdma-test/perfq/
Figure 39. Example Command Output For AVMM
Configuration for AVST LB and AVST pktgen Undefined single function mode in examples/mcdma-test/perfq/
Note: bdf is not provided to run the test
Figure 40. Example Command Output for AVST
Command for pktgen: :
./build/mcdma-test –m 16384 –l 0-8 - -b -p 64 -l 1 -z -d 1 -c 2048 -a 4 
Command for loopback:
./build/mcdma-test –m 16384 –l 0-8 - -b -p 64 -l 2 -i -d 1 -c 2048 -a
Note: In the current release, single page is supported in DIDF mode.
Note: In the current release, simultaneous process is not supported in DIDF mode. You can run one process with 2K channels.