Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* Design Example User Guide

ID 683517
Date 1/19/2024
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2.5.2. Hardware Test Results

The Custom Driver was used to generate the following output.
Note: The same test options can be used with DPDK driver and Kernel Mode driver to generate comparable results.
PIO Test
[root@bapvemb005t perfq_app]# ./perfq_app -b 0000:01:00.0 -o -v
PIO Write and Read Test ...

Figure 9. Performance Test: H-Tile-i option. Note: This hardware test was run with the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX H-tile PCIe Gen3 x16 configuration.

Figure 10. Performance Test: P-TileThis test was run with Intel Agilex® 7 F-Series P-Tile PCIe Gen4 x16 configuration.

Data Validation Test

[root@localhost perfq_app]#./perfq_app -b 0000:2d:00.0 -p 8192 -d 2 -c 4 -a 4 -s 268435456 -u -v
Allocating 4 Channels...

BDF: 0000:2d:00.0
Channels Allocated: 4
QDepth 508
Number of pages: 8
Completion mode: WB
Payload Size per descriptor: 8192 Bytes
#Descriptors per channel: 32768
SOF on descriptor: 1
EOF on descriptor: 1
File Size: 8192 Bytes
Tx Batch Size: 127 Descriptors
Rx Batch Size: 127 Descriptors
Thread initialization in progress ...
Thread initialization done
All Threads exited
-------------------------------OUTPUT SUMMARY--------------------------------------------
Dir  #queues   Time_elpsd     B_trnsfrd           TBW     MPPS    Passed  Failed  %passed
Tx      4       00:00:429     1048576.00KB     02.30GBPS 00.30MPPS      4      0     100.00%
Rx      4       00:00:429     1048576.00KB     02.31GBPS 00.30MPPS      4      0     100.00%
Full Forms:
TBW:            Total Bandwidth
IBW:            Interval Bandwidth
MIBW:           Mean Interval Bandwidth
HIBW:           Highest Interval Bandwidth
LIBW:           Lowest Interval Bandwidth
To enable data validation using -v option, set the software flags in user/common/mk/ as follows:
  • cflags += -UPERFQ_PERF
  • cflags += -DPERFQ_LOAD_DATA
Note: This hardware test was run with Intel Agilex® 7 P-Tile PCIe Gen4x16 configuration.