Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* Design Example User Guide

ID 683517
Date 1/19/2024
Document Table of Contents Establish Communication Between Host and VM

  1. Login to Guest VM.
    $telnet localhost 5551
  2. Bring up the interface.
    $ifconfig eth0 up
  3. Assign the IP address to eth0
    $ifconfig eth0 <>

    Execute the following commands from Host:

    1. Bring up net6551. “net6551” is the tap interface that you give in the QEMU command.
      $ifconfig net6551 up 
      $ifconfig net6551 <>
    2. Copy the code by using scp.

      For example:

      $scp -r <directory> root@<GuestIP>:\
    3. Refer to Software Setup for updating the grub file in VM.
    4. Enable NO_IOMMU mode inside the Guest VM.

      Currently, QEMU does not support IOMMU. When you are running software on Guest VM, if you are using vfio, you need to enable NO_IOMMU_MODE mode.

      Edit common/mk/ to define the following macro, for example:
      __cflags += -DNO_IOMMU_MODE

      By default, this flag is disabled.

    5. Refer to Install PMD and Test Application (for CentOS) for build and install MCDMA.